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Learn, Create, Earn

The RebilderLS Innovation Hub in San Jose is a collaborative learning and technology center designed to provide members with access to industrial resources, world-class education initiatives, and entrepreneurial opportunities worth millions of dollars each year.

Open to the public in 2020
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Work on your own, join local initiatives, or contribute to a crowdsourced project.

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Join teams from around the world working on the most exciting challenges and projects.

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Access to Technology

Hubs contains industrial equipment, 3D printers, computers, and other tools for member use.

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and Learn

Learn from local experts and startup teams by helping them build their products and services.

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Build a

Launch your own product or service; find teammates and employees; and apply for RLS venture funding.

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Complete projects for rewards; contribute time and effort for cash; or launch your own venture.

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Local Improvements

Join or launch initiatives to improve your community or develop programs to benefit your city.

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Watch or join Global Startup Challenge teams as they build products that will change the world.

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Special events and Speakers

Attend learning events or local retreats with world-class speakers, business leaders, and local experts.

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Complete projects to earn the only employment and employer guaranteed credential from RebilderX.

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Apprenticeships and Jobs

Apprentice under an expert, join a team, or work independently on sponsored projects.

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Learn by

Get out of the simulated school environment and start learning from real experiences and projects.

Become a Member for Unlimited Access

Join RebilderLS as a Journeyman or Master member to gain full access to our facilities; the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars by contributing to local and global jobs/challenges/tasks; join local teams working on ambitious projects; meet local and world-class business leaders, performers, and creatives; and receive discounted tickets to events, retreats, and conferences in San Jose and around the world.

San Jose Events, Retreats, and Local Projects

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Local-Global Events: The Accelerator Series

Life changing workshops and self-development events featuring the world’s top experts and influencers distributed across 115+ cities around the world. Develop personal systems to reach your goals in 3 months, not 3 years.

Entrepreneurship and
Innovation Accelerator

Learn from the world’s top entrepreneurs, product managers, and founders as you’re guided step-by-step through the process of identifying and analyzing the best opportunities; confirming the viability of the market with real-world testing; prototyping and designing your products; developing scalable growth, marketing, and sales strategies; and launching with maximum exposure. With a focus on lean development and bootstrapping to profitability, most attendees will be able to recoup the cost of the event by the end of the 3rd month.

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Start from scratch and design high-growth, market-ready products
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Learn from the world’s top CEOs, innovators, and startup founders.
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Develop a profitable product-line or new business from day one.
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4 Months (4 weekends) with optional weekday sessions M-F.

Foreign Language Accelerators

Join the world’s top experts and those in your local community to acquire an entire foreign language in as little as 3 months. You’ll work with native speakers and modern accelerated learning methodologies to acquire the basics fast and create a personal self-learning system that will have you communicating fluently in record time.

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Learn 3K+ words and how to speak, listen, read, and write.
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Featuring the world’s top language experts and multi-lingual leaders.
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Competency test and certification to boost your resume.
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3-6 Months (3-6 weekends) with optional M-F practice.


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Health Accelerators

From intermittent fasting and gut health to strength training and cold exposure, Rebilder’s Health Accelerator is designed to provide you with the knowledge and training needed to renew and restore your mental and physical health. Unlike like other programs, this accelerator is built on a “systems” approach that makes it easy to start and maintain daily habits that result in long-term lifestyle changes instead of short-term results followed by burnout and relapse.

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Develop habits needed to maximize your mental & physical potential.
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Led by the world’s top health leaders, coaches, and medical experts.
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Learn how to always eat healthy, think clearly, & feel great.
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3 Months (3 weekends) with optional weekday sessions M-F.
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Micro-Summits  |  Coming Soon

Conferences without the crowd. Interact directly with the best minds, technologies, and companies for unforgettable experiences. Located at small, private venues around the globe, RebilderLS micro-summits are like nothing else the world has to offer.

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Local Project Events  |  Coming Soon

Teach or learn from other members of your local community by working on the projects and initiatives that you care about most.

Local Apprenticeship Opportunities

Need more experience, ready for a new career, or looking for an alternative to college? Join RebilderX’s stacked-apprenticeship program to earn the first completely personalized, guaranteed employment certification at zero net-cost (instead of thousands in college debt) by apprenticing under experts in San Jose and/or around the globe.

Career Opportunities

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