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Basic Access

RebilderLS Memberships

As an Apprentice, you’ll be able to fully take part in all Global Challenges, purchase event tickets (full price), and enter local Innovation Hubs (fee) to contribute expertise and/or time to Global Hub projects in return for cash rewards or recognition (no equity).

Freely enter and compete in global challenges by creating or joining a team.

Full access to RebilderLS Innovation Hubs for a fee.

Purchase event and conference tickets at full-price

  • Journeyman

    - Global Member -

  • $579
    + $119 per month
    (First four months free)

Full Access, Event Attendance

RebilderLS Memberships

Use your RebilderLS Journeyman’s card to attend all public events, conferences, and immersion courses at a discounted rate. As a Journeyman, you’ll not only have access to all our learning resources, equipment, and facilities around the world, but will also have the opportunity to join us for special events, demonstrations, speaker workshops, and other Journeyman-only events.

Discounts to all RebilderLS events, meet-ups, and conferences in your city and around the world.

Full access to all learning materials, videos, conference live-streams, and project kits.

Propose events, start on-location businesses, earn equity on projects, and apply for RLS venture funding.

Full access to RebilderLS hubs and extended network of resources around the world.

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