The World’s Largest Accelerated Language Learning Event

Compress years of language learning into just a few short months

Keynote Weekends for all languages  |  January 18-19, February 15-16, March 14-15 – 2020  8am-6pm  |  Weekday sessions Wednesday evenings throughout the entire program  –  6pm-8pm


Most schools and online programs are either incredibly boring, require years of effort, or simply don’t work that well

From elite universities to free online programs, language learning courses and events are virtually always led by average instructors using slow, standardized methods with little, if any, immersion or hands-on experience. The result: Little practical ability, poor results, quickly disappearing motivation, and years of wasted time and money.

Learn an entire language in just a few months

From professional requirement to personal goals, RebilderLS Accelerator courses are designed to provide you with all the knowledge, experiences, habits you need to reach expertise in a fraction of the time previously thought possible.

-One course instead of dozens

-Nearly 90% less expensive

-Fast progress to maximize motivation

-The world’s top instructors and polyglots

-Guaranteed results

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Local-Global: Community-style events with a world-class stage

The RebilderLS Accelerator Series is led by the world’s leading experts, influencers, and professionals and takes place simultaneously in over 115 cities and private venues.

World-class speakers

The top experts in the world present and then lead each lesson/segment via live-stream or global telecast.

Full Immersion

Local experts, instructors, and native speakers at your location provide hands-on, personal instruction and mentoring.

10x Learning Speeds

Using Rebilder’s unique memorization and self-learning framework, you’ll be able to communicate in record time.

Follow Your Interests

Learn what you want and need to say by using your own motivations and interests as your personal learning guide

Led by the world’s top language experts and polyglots













Register early and automatically be entered to win a meeting with any speaker you’d like in Los Angeles for dinner/lunch and a private 30-60 min session with a few others. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to personally interact and learn from some of the top linguists, educators, and language experts on the planet (travel and accommodations not included).













Speak like you’ve been studying for years

  • Learn 3,000+ words (talk about basically anything or read a newspaper without difficulty)
  • Completely personalized learning — from business to sports, you’ll learn to communicate in the way that you want and need to reach your goals.
  • Perfect for young learners and adults alike.
  • Combines the world’s most efficient learning methodologies, the best teachers, and immersive environment for a learning experience unlike any other.
  • Each ticket includes a dozen Commonplace foreign language self-learning journals, the complete RebilderU immersion kit, and full online access ($150+ value)
  • Reach level B2+ guaranteed (C1 is achievable for learners who spend 1+ hour of additional self-learning on days off)

30+ days of events, 36 world-class speakers, 108+ hours of hands-on training

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Native Texts

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with Ease

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Comprehend Anything

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Perfect Pronunciation

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Slang/Local Expression

The Last Language Program You’ll Ever Need

As the only foreign language program based entirely on self-learning and a systems-based approach (vs goal oriented approach), you’ll be able to easily continue your learning and expanding your abilities long after the event has finished. In other words, this program is one that continually updates and grows with you, your interests, and your required level of fluency.

Drastically increase your lifetime earning potential

Depending on the language you choose, you could earn as much as $5,000 more a year in your current line of work and open yourself up to completely new career opportunities around the world.

Spanish — 1.5% average bonus

French — 2.3% average bonus

German — 3.8% average bonus

Demonstrate your language proficiency through real-world projects and experiences

All RebilderLS Accelerator courses include a foreign language proficiency analysis ($150 value) that uses real-world situations, activities, and projects to determine your competency. Your results are then broken down into a complete analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and added to your official RebilderX skill resume (coming soon) and backed by the world’s only employer guarantee. If you fail to reach at least a B2 proficiency level after three months (one level below professional proficiency), we’ll happily re-enroll in an additional course at no cost.

Simple Schedule

  • Month 1: Foundations, memory systems, building sentences the right way, getting around, and a written introduction.
  • Month 2: Accent perfection, comprehension mastery, alternative phrasing, getting what you want, comprehensible input threshold, and the 3,000 word mark.
  • Month 3: Talking about anything, slang, idioms, sounding like a native, and final testing.


Detailed schedule with daily sessions and speakers coming soon.
Russian and Chinese program schedules vary considerably.

Dozens of additional weekday speakers, projects, and sponsored learning events

Take full advantage of your RebilderLS Accelerator ticket by attending optional sessions during Wednesday evenings. From additional speakers to exciting practice sessions and hands-on projects, you’ll be able to continue your learning with the best and brightest in your community and around the world.

Locations and Tickets

Visit one of more than 115 locations across the United States and top cities around the world. With state of the art equipment and dozens of like-minded people, you’ll be swept away by the speed at which you learn and the amount of fun you have at the best education events on the planet. Click on a link for ticket information.

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No locations near you? Launch your own!

Think your community/city can support an event? Contact us at with your city/location, how many people you think you could get to attend, and a basic plan on how you plan to host it (venue, marketing, etc…). If accepted, we’ll post your location on our map/website and give you 30 days to meet the minimum ticket sales. If successful, we’ll make your location an Official RebilderLS Satellite, pay you a $10k reward, get our full team behind you, provide you with all the equipment and budget you need, and give you an offer for a full-time position as operations director for your region. It’s the perfect opportunity to test your entrepreneurial talents, grow a huge project in your community from nothing, and join the fastest growing education company in the world.

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